Learning enhances Knowledge

Knowledge strengthens Skill

Skill increases Capability

Capability boosts Confidence

Confidence creates Competence

Competence enables Innovation

Know the Basis. Analyse the Known. Think the New

The world around us is changing in an unprecedented rate. Today’s technology was yesterday’s science fiction. All the technological advancements that we see today are traceable to the scientific discoveries of the previous centuries. Yet while using the latest technologies to make our lives simpler, comfortable and satisfying, we are not bothered the least by our curiosity to understand the underlying science. We are able to appreciate the technology itself but the science remains in the backseat not receiving the due attention.

This has resulted in segregating the domain of science from the domain of technology to such an extent that scientists are finding it more difficult to make people realize the importance of doing research in basic sciences. Most people talk about the research and development in the technological front because the effects are visible immediately. The research in basic sciences does not, however, generally result in immediate effects but are visible in a longer term. Today’s scientific research will be the basis of tomorrow’s technology. It is really important to realize the cause-effect relationship of the advancement in science with the advancement of technology.

With this vision, this website aims to educate the general public about the scientific discoveries and inventions that became or can become the basis of useful technologies. It also aims to educate people on general scientific theories and procedures with a vision to create an environment to inculcate scientific temperament in the society.

On another note, there are various social, political, economic and environmental issues that pop up in public discourse every now and then. Discussion and debates are healthy for a culture to thrive and prosper and become vibrant. But people generally do not have the required knowledge or information regarding most matters, which they are assumed to have for understanding the content of intellectual debates. The discussions, therefore, does not satisfactorily address the purpose of enlightening the public on matters that need actual public participation. The discussions happen in a way as if the panelists are representative of the general public opinion, which is true to some sense but not quite.

The general public, lacking the basic knowledge of the basis of problems, are not able to actively engage in discourse. They merely remain passive consumers of thoughts of a handful of people. Lack of awareness paralyses the thinking capabilities and disempowers the general public to build their own perspectives on a matter of public concern. This is not a very healthy habit in a democratic setup. People should be more actively participating in discussions worth actual public participation and concern.

On this front, this website aims to educate and empower people to become more competent to analyze the issues on their own. That way, there will be creation of diverse perspectives on an issue of public concern. It makes people more actively involved in public discourse and democracy more people-centric, which is central to making the society a happier and a better place to live.

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